VP Pets Signature Diamond Name Plate Leatherette Leash – Gold

New product

By far the most bling-tastic piece from our leatherette collection!  Of course, Mistress Lisa is constantly jet setting across the globe finding the most luxurious materials at the best prices, so she can pass the unbelievable quality combined with affordable pricing to our loving friends.      


  • Durable Leatherette (no animals were harmed in the making of our products)
  • Pull tension tested up to 630 lbs. (for large size collars)
  • Custom monogrammed VP Pets gold and diamante plate      
  • Hand-laid diamante rivets and custom monogrammed VP rivets
  • Hand Sewn Finishes         
  • Diamond rivets extend through the buckle holes for extra bling effect



XS:        up to 10 pounds                 1.5 cm x 30 cm                  Minimum Tensile Testing up to 70 pounds

SM:       up to 20 pounds                 1.5 cm x 40 cm                  Minimum Tensile Testing up to 140 pounds

MD:       up to 50 pounds                 2.0 cm x 50 cm                  Minimum Tensile Testing up to 350 pounds

LG:        up to 90 pounds                 2.5 cm x 50 cm                  Minimum Tensile Testing up to 630 pounds

Lastly, we at VP Pets do not advise keeping any collar on your furry friend for extended periods of time.  These luxury collars are mainly for wonderful, bonding walks, fancy parties and photoshoots!



These wonderful pieces of jewelry are to be used for joyous walks and fun photos. We do not recommend your furry friends wear these pieces while lounging around the house.

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